Tim Ferriss vs. Gary Vaynerchuk – who should you listen to?

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Tim Ferriss vs. Gary Vaynerchuk – who should you listen to?

Tim Ferriss vs. Gary Vaynerchuk: Today we compare two of my favorite Writers, Mentors and Advisors. Strategies from both of them have been incredibly valuable in my life and in the life of thousands of others. However, Tim and Gary often share conflicting ideas and advice. While Gary is the guy who tells you to hustle every second of your life, Tim is all about utmost efficiency and putting in the minimum effective dose. So who should you rather be listening to when it comes to your career and life?


Who to listen to?

As I said, both of them have been insanely important in my career and life so far. So Gary and Tim, if you read this: I love you both! However, two people that you value highly giving you contrasting advice can be very confusing. Over the years I followed their advice in a wide range of fields and very diverse situations. I owe them both a lot and wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for them. By following their advice I came to realize that you don’t have to decide between one or the other. What you have to understand is when to listen to which one of the two. This is why I put together the following guide that tells you exactly this.



Listen to Gary, if…

  • You have problems getting up in the morning. I can tell you guys: I once used Gary’s voice as my alarm clock. Oh boy did that fire me up in the morning. Gary definitely is the one that motivates and inspires you to hustle. If you feel unmotivated, unproductive or down, be sure that he will fix this for you within seconds. Gary makes you feel bad if you’re wasting time. And this is something many people need!
  • You’re looking for the latest marketing and social media strategies. In my opinion, Gary is probably the best in the world right now when it comes to growing an audience on social media! Also if you need inspiration on what to upload to your channels, check out what Gary is doing. Additionally, he shares his best advice on how to use different social media platforms in his book Crushing it: .
  • You’re in your teens or early / mid twenties. Lot’s of Gary’s audience is still very young. This certainly for one point is because of the channels he uses (he is also very active on Snapchat for example). But it also is because of the kind of advice and stories he shares. I couldn’t agree more with Gary that during your young years, the best thing you can do is hustle, hustle, hustle. Read here for one example why this is the case. And by the way, also Tim agrees on that (further down).
  • You’re looking for a great role model on how to treat other people. I really admire Gary for this. He treats everybody with so much respect and cares about them – something EVERYBODY should watch and learn from.
  • You’re looking for fresh content all the time on Twitter and Instagram. My feed is full from all the stuff Gary is putting online. He let’s you be part of almost every second of his life.
  • You want to have your personal questions answered you stand a good chance with Gary. Reach out to him on Twitter or Instagram. He randomly picks questions from his followers multiple times each day.
  • You have haters or other people out there that are holding you back. Gary’s advice on that is priceless. He teaches you to follow your own goals and visions. This is your life and you only have to justify your actions to yourself.



Listen to Tim, if…

  • You’re working 15 hours a day and you don’t have a life. If you’re worried that going on vacation will destroy everything you have build. Or you’re wasting time on clients or tasks that are not profitable. Tim not only shares great strategies for that issues, he also inspires with his own story and how he fixed that problem for himself and his own business.
  • You want to get the best possible outcome by putting in the minimum effective effort. Tim teaches you what you should really be focusing on. He is probably the best in the world to tell you how to implement and make use of the 80/20 principle. This principle shows you that you can achieve 80% of your current results with 20% of the work you are putting in.
  • You’re looking for hands-on step by step advice on how to start a business. If you’re at the very beginning of starting your own business, make sure to listen to Tim! His advice really is immediately applicable. Moreover, he shows you how to make sure to stay in control of your business end prevent from your business controlling you.
  • You’re looking for advice not only in business but also in Sports, Nutrition, cooking or travelling. Tim had his own Sports Nutrition Supplement business, keeps travelling the world and wrote a bestseller about cooking. There is so much more to learn from this guy than just business.
  • You’re looking for diverse mentoring from the best people in their field. Tim doesn’t only share his own advice. I would even say, he shares his own advice way less than the advice of other successful people. His latest books The Tribe of Mentors and The Tools of Titans are all about advice and secret strategies from the world’s best performers in their field. Here again, this is great for business, but also if you’re interested in meditation or daily routines that make your life better.
  • You’re interested in accelerated learning and real life experiments. Tim’s claim is that you can learn how to do anything and get among the best 5% within one year.


What they agree on:

There are certain situations where you should listen to both instead of just one of them:

  • Also Tim says that extremely hard work is what got him where he is today. Also now he either works very hard, or doesn’t work at all (in his words: mini-retirements).
    Additionally, In his early twenties he used to say “yes” to everything that came along his way, until he found what he really wanted to do. Once you’ve found your thing, he advises to say no to as many “opportunities” as possible though.
  • Both share different, but some of the best networking advice I have ever seen. While Gary mainly shows you how to connect on social media, Tim’s advice is more on “real” personal interactions. If you manage to combine them you will become a true networking genius.
  • Both believe in putting out great content for your readers and followers is one of the key metrics of success. Invest your energy into it and make sure your content is too great to be ignored.
  • Both follow the strategy of giving out as much as possible for free, thereby gaining true fans and convincing them to purchase their products. Gary also talks about this in his book.
  • Both believe we are living in an extraordinary time full of opportunities! While many might be afraid of new technologies, both Tim and Gary see a world full of chances for everybody looking to start their own thing. Both have grown insanely successful non-tech businesses in a time where everybody only talks about Tech Start-Ups. However, they used new technologies to grow and promote their businesses at very low cost.


If you want to learn more about them, make sure to get one of their books by clicking on the link in this article.

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