The Background and Education that got me into a Management Trainee Program

The Background and Education that got me into a Management Trainee Program

Is your Education important in order to get into a Management Trainee Program? Yes. Do you need to graduate from a top tier University? No – there are many other ways in order to proof your capabilities and spice up your resume.


My educational background that got me into a Management Trainee Program

Top tier University for a Corporate Career?


After finishing High School I took a 10-Month internship in a Private Equity firm. In Switzerland it is very common to do an internship between High School and University. I consider this as very valuable in order to put the theoretical knowledge you will acquire during University into practical context. But it certainly also helps to get more attractive student jobs and the practical experience will be doing well on your resume. 

Summerschool and University

After finishing my internship I went to the London School of Economics. I took a 4 weeks Summer School Course in Global Leadership and Entrepreneurship. Although being costly, it was one of the best experiences I made during my entire time as a student. It was challenging, demanding, rewarding and a lot of fun at the same time. And best of all: I returned home with a broad International network of determined people that are smart, driven, ambitious and want to make a difference in this world.
From there, I went to the University of Zurich, where I studied Business Administration with a major in Finance and Controlling. During my studies I spent one Semester abroad in Madrid at the Universidad Carlos III. As you see, the Universities I went to are not among the top tier Business Schools. However, I used a 4 weeks Summer School Course to get a top tier University name on my Resume.

Gaining Work Experience

After graduating I decided to start my own Business with a friend from South America that I had met during my exchange Semester in Madrid. During a time when “Superfoods” really started to take off in Europe we were offering consumers the easiest and most convenient way to get their Superfoods from South America. While our Business grew, it became clear that me and my Business Partner had different ideas regarding how to take our Business to the next level. This was when I decided to follow a different career path and applied for a corporate career development program.
Keep climbing the Ladder!

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