The Daily Life of Young Professionals in Corporate Careers

The Day to Day Life in a Corporate Career


Have you ever wondered how the daily life of the most successful young professionals looks like? The salaries, the ups and downs, the challenges, the failures and successes. You find it all here. 100% real and unfiltered.

We believe that a career can be inspiring, challenging and rewarding. If, and this is the trick: You make the most out of it!

How to negotiate first salary

How to negotiate first Salary

Many of you might be glad to just land their first Job. And in fact, it is something special and a great achievement to sign your first employment contract. However, what you probably don't know yet is that your first salary will for a big...

Questions to ask in Job Interview

How to be the Candidate everybody wants to hire

First of all, one simple advice that will set you apart from 99% of the other candidates. Do this BEFORE you apply for a Job:   Usually you go to a job interview and expect to be asked a lot of questions. However, you know that we...

Customer Relationship Manager earn good money

A Day in the Life of a Customer Relationship Manager

This weekend I had the chance to meet Joel, a Customer Relationship Manager at a Swiss based FinTech company. Joel is by far one of the most dynamic, driven, young professionals I have recently met. His determination is noticeable immediately upon meeting him. Joel's firm...

LSE Summer School – an experience report

Is Summer School worth it? Is it right for you? Can it boost your career or is it just a waste of money? Find out here. See what Summer School did for me and my career. A report about my LSE Summer School experience. About the...