The Daily Life of Young Professionals in Corporate Careers

The Day to Day Life in a Corporate Career


Have you ever wondered how the daily life of the most successful young professionals looks like? The salaries, the ups and downs, the challenges, the failures and successes. You find it all here. 100% real and unfiltered.

We believe that a career can be inspiring, challenging and rewarding. If, and this is the trick: You make the most out of it!

How high performers spend their Weekends

How Leaders unwind on Weekends: Three Professionals - Three different Weekend plans If you follow me you know that I am obsessed with learning how the most successful young professionals spend their days. I want to know everything about their day to day life, their routines,...

Positive and negative moods in the Brain

The Mind of a Top-Notch Sales Person

There is no other person in the world with a future as bright as the one of a good salesman. Selling is the world's highest paid profession - if you're good at it. Every company needs top-notch salespeople. And they reward them handsomely. The sky...

A Day in the Life of a Commodity Trader

Meet André: A Day in the Life of a Commodity Trader

I first met André when he moved from Chile, where he grew up, to Switzerland due to his Job. André had studied engineering at the University of Monterrey, Mexico. Right afterwards he joined one of the largest commodity trading houses and worked in their logistics...

Corporate career blog

A Summary of The Law of Category

...And how to apply it to your Career The 22 immutable Laws of Marketing by Al Ries and Jack Trout is arguably one of the most cited books in Marketing and Business. Particularly the second chapter - The Law of Category - attracted a great deal...

Inspiring Professionals

Meet Timothy, Family Office Investment Lead

It is a particular pleasure to introduce you to Timothy, a Family Office Investment Lead. I got to know Timothy at LSE Summer School and he is one of these inspiring individuals I promised to introduce you to from my time at LSE. Click here...