How high performers spend their Weekends

How high performers spend their Weekends

How Leaders unwind on Weekends: Three Professionals – Three different Weekend plans

If you follow me you know that I am obsessed with learning how the most successful young professionals spend their days. I want to know everything about their day to day life, their routines, habits, mindset and their secret strategies. So far, however, I always spoke to them about their time during work. I now wondered how these people spend their weekends. How do they unwind from the long and intense workdays? What routines and strategies do they have during their time off?

In order to find out I met again with three different young Professionals that you have already met on my Blog. Only that this time I spoke to them about their upcoming weekend plans.


Timothy, Family Office Investment Lead

Remember Timothy? I met him during my time at the London School of Economics and he is now working as a Family Office Investment Lead. What Timothy loves most about his position is that he gets to network with Entrepreneurs, Leaders and Politicians from around the Globe. Find out more about Timothy here.

So what are Timothy’s weekend plans?

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Saturday Morning: Wake up timely, at around 6.30 am. Drive outside the city and start an intense hike within the tranquil mountains of Arizona.

Saturday Afternoon: Arrive at a friend’s cottage and meet other friends there. Have a late lunch and prepare for dinner.

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Saturday Evening: Barbecue, a nice glass of wine, deep conversation and laughter, while admiring the wonderful scenery.

Sunday Morning: Breakfast at the cottage, then return to the city.

Sunday Afternoon: Late lunch with my parents and my brother.

Sunday Evening: 1 Hour of prep work for the upcoming week. Then reading an inspiring autobiography, maybe another good glass of wine.


André, Commodity Trader

André is the commodity trader you met last week on my Blog. The interview with him reached most readers from all interviews I carried out so far. Read the interview with him here.

What is André doing on the weekend?

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Friday Evening: The week was tough and some long hours were necessary this week. On Friday evening however I will finish work early. A friend is opening up a Restaurant and some guests are invited for the opening. I will go there with my wife and enjoy a delicious dinner.

Saturday Morning: I will have a lay in (except if my son wakes me up early). Then breakfast with my family and some grocery shopping.

Saturday Noon: 2 Hours in the Office to finish up some work from last week.

Saturday Afternoon: Soccer with friends, afterwards a beer with my team mates.

Saturday Evening: Dinner at my parent’s house with the entire extended family.

Sunday Morning: Probably second trial for a lay in, except… (you know the drill).

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Sunday Noon: A round of Golf with a Friend, followed by a nice lunch.

Sunday Afternoon: An hour of work to catch up with my to-do list for Monday.

Sunday Night: A quiet night at home, spending some time with my son and probably watching a movie with my wife.


Martin, Consultant

Martin was one of the first young professionals that you got to know on my Blog. He is doing an internship as a consultant with one of the Big 4. Just recently told me that he accepted an offer for a permanent position within the same company. If you want to learn more about Martin’s life as a Consultant, click here.

How is Martin spending his weekend?

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Saturday Morning: A delicious Brunch with my Girlfriend, followed by a walk nearby the lake.

Saturday Noon: Running some errands, groceries, etc.

Saturday Evening: Attending a friend’s farewell party. He is moving to Singapore after accepting a new position there.

Sunday Morning: A 45 minutes run. Then breakfast and reading through the Sunday Newspaper.

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Sunday Noon: A Cycling tour with my girlfriend, probably with a picnic.

Sunday Evening: Take a plain to Vienna, where I will be working with a client for the next four Days. Do some prep work for the Job on the plain. Check into the Hotel and enjoy an evening stroll in the city.



Not only from the interviews with Timothy, André and Martin did I find out four consistent patterns on weekends of young high performers:

  1. They tend to spend a high proportionate time with their family and value this time greatly.
  2. Most of them engage in some physical exercise.
  3. Generally, they live very active weekends and have lots of plans.
  4. Almost all of them do some prep work for the upcoming week.


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