Free 5-Day Career Accelerator

Start taking your Career into your own Hands

Imagine unleashing your full career potential. Climbing the ladder. Getting into positions you love and seemed unattainable to you. Getting paid what you deserve and reaching Financial Freedom.

Not all of this will happen by just signing up for the Free 5-Day Career Accelerator. But we will show you how all the successful people on our Blog do it. We have put together the best advice and techniques. Everything you will receive is hands-on and immediately applicable. Even more: We will give you assignments each Day!

The 5-Day Program

  1. Assessment Day: Are you in a Job where you can grow and use your unique skills?
  2. Get Hungry Day: Find out what has been holding you back so far. And leave it behind.
  3. Preparation Day: We prepare you for Day 4 by giving you three simple tasks and routines.
  4. Meeting Day: You have to speak to your Boss. We tell you how and what about you should speak.
  5. Negotiation Day: Become the Negotiator you always wanted to be! These Strategies will make the Meeting with your Boss a success!

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What other Participants have to say about the Program

Career Accelerator Participant


Phil's Career Accelerator is exactly what I have been looking for. Insanely valuable insights packed into a step-by-step guidance on how to implement.