Meet Timothy, Family Office Investment Lead

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Meet Timothy, Family Office Investment Lead

It is a particular pleasure to introduce you to Timothy, a Family Office Investment Lead. I got to know Timothy at LSE Summer School and he is one of these inspiring individuals I promised to introduce you to from my time at LSE. Click here to learn more about my time at LSE. I have ever since stayed in close touch with Timothy. I admire him for his drive yet thoughtful insight. He literally breaths Business and has an inexhaustible thirst for knowledge.

Timothy holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Marketing. During College he interned at an Investment Bank. He later joined a Private Equity firm and now works as an Investment Lead at a Family office, where he sources, analyzes, executes and manages investment opportunities across private equity and real estate.


Timothy, fill us in on a typical day of yours.

I am waking up between 5:30 and 6:00am. First thing in the morning I read through two newspapers (Wall St. Journal and Financial Times). I focus my morning and afternoon looking at prospective investments and existing ones. Additionally I prepare reports and speak to our Investors. By 5:30pm I hit the gym (if my schedule allows it), followed by dinner. Then back to the grind until 11:00pm.


That sounds intense. You might not know this but I always admired your energy level. How do you keep up with the consistent high workload?

See, I just get to follow my passion all day long. I am really not in a position to complain. On the contrary. I rather put in 13 hours a day for something I love than 8 hours for something I hate. I am more than thankful for what I got.


You live in Arizona. What is the best thing about living there?

The tranquility of the weather and the entrepreneurial spirit. I firmly believe that Phoenix is the next Austin, TX in terms of the uptick in recent cultural events, commerce, and education.


What is the most important thing in your life?

Other than my faith, clearly my family. Home remains the place where you can be 100% yourself. And my family has built that amazing place called “home”. Additionally, they have sacrificed so much for me and continue to provide me with wisdom and strength each day.


If you could choose to have dinner with anyone in the world, who would it be?

Warren Buffett or Peyton Manning. Or why not both of them together, that would lead to some interesting conversations (laughing).


What is one thing you cannot live without?

Easy one: Coffee. I love coffee particularly from unique Artisan roasters. I clearly spend a disproportionate amount of money on coffee, but every penny is worth it. As an Investment professional you tend to look at the return by only focusing on numbers. But life does not work that way. There are returns that you cannot measure in numbers. And usually those are the most valuable ones.


What did you want to become when you were younger?

Growing up I once saw Michael Jordan play firsthand. Afterwards I wanted to become a Basketball player for quite some while. Already when I was younger I primarily wanted to have an occupation where I can make a difference in people’s live though.


Through my Blog I hope to inspire young professionals out there that are in the middle of the grind just like you. Who inspires you?

I have friends and family members that serve our country both in the Army and the Navy. They put our country first by making countless sacrifices with neither complaints nor excuses. Watching them taught me to push forward with extreme focus, discipline and ownership.


How would your perfect Day look like?

Starting the day with a great cup of coffee, followed by an intense workout or hike. Then reading an inspiring autobiography. Afterwards dinner with great friends and family. Dinner would be comprised of deep conversation and laughter.


What is your main Goal in Life?

In my current stage I want to learn, improve and grow both personally and professionally. I believe learning is a lifelong process that one should commit to. Other than that I want to raise tremendous Children that have the drive to make a difference in our world and contribute to their communities.


Do you have a motto that you live by?

Always challenge the status quo.


What is your favorite quote?

Genius is perseverance in disguise.


Is there something you cannot stand about people?

If someone does not say “please” and “thank you”.


We have talked a lot about your personal life. Let’s speak a bit more about your profession. How do you think your current position enhances your professional career growth?

My career is enhanced most by the in-depth and timely understanding of public-private sector dynamics across the globe. For instance, by meeting company leaders from different places in the world I am able to learn what their countries are dealing with regarding national security, trade, and entrepreneurialism. That is undoubtedly helpful from an investment standpoint. Additionally, my firm does an excellent job connecting me with like-minded individuals for both public and private endeavors through different events. Thanks to this, I am able to have an idea of what’s going on throughout the world, and being able to utilize that knowledge has aided my decision-making processes as well as my contributions to important conversations.


What does ‘impact’ mean to you, specifically in terms of the role that finance and investment play in generating and scaling social benefits?

The majority of investment funds these days, across venture and traditional private equity, are conscious of climate change and issues of that nature. Furthermore, they understand cultural sensibilities. All of that is also sought after and requested by a majority of Investors into these funds.


Your company has invested across several sectors, including oil and gas, renewable energies and agriculture. What led you to develop a special interest in investing in these fields?

What first caught my attention in this field was the growth of demand in these sectors. The requirement for food for example is going to jump between 40% and 50% over the course of the next 10 years, based solely on population growth. As a result, we need to find innovative ways to grow our food supply. The same with the energy sector. It is something that I don’t see running out of demand. Quite on the contrary. It is now up to all of us to find and enable new technology that can meet the increasing demands.


Timothy, it has as always been fantastic speaking to you. Thank you for your valuable time and I hope you keep climbing the ladder.


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