1 Simple Tool to find out if you’re in the right Job?

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1 Simple Tool to find out if you’re in the right Job?

I keep emphasizing how important it is to find the right Job. All the high performing individuals that I interview for my Blog would not be successful in many other fields. However, they have found that one thing they are passionate about and where they can unleash their full potential. This is why I developed a comprehensive yet simple tool to find out if you are in the right Job or not.


How do you find out if you’re in the right Job?

Through my tool you will have to rate the six most important factors that determine if a certain Job is right for you. Rate these factors from 1 (terrible) to 10 (extraordinary). The tool will also allow you to add more factors that are important for you personally. However, I recommend to stick as closely as possible to the six factors I am giving you. In the following I am telling you why.

Not all the factors below have the same importance and should not receive the same priority. This is why I am giving each factor a certain %. All factors together sum up to 100%. If you do not agree with my distribution of the % you can also change that. However, make sure that you still end up with a sum of exactly 100%.


1. How much do you enjoy the work that you carry out?

Undoubtedly the most important factor deciding whether you’re in the right position or not. Therefore, I am weighing it with 30% in my tool. A Job that you don’t enjoy will not keep you motivated in the long run. Additionally, many other factors that we will later discuss depend on this one. While this might seem an obvious one, I experience that a lot of people do not think about it the right way. Asking yourself the following questions helps to reflect and rate this factor correctly.

  • How much of what I do in my free time has some connection to my Job?
  • Would I want my Kids / imaginary Kids to do my Job?
  • How passionate am I about going to work in the morning?


2. How well can you use your unique talents at work?

We all have great unique talents. In order to unleash our full potential it is tremendously important that we are able to leverage these unique talents. Our unique talents will set us apart from the rest of the crowd out there. Therefore, you will only reach your full career potential if you are able to use these talents in your Job. They will become your biggest asset! I rated this second factor with 22.5% in my tool. Looking at factor number 2 alone I would need to rate it with around 30%. But since people tend to prefer carrying out tasks that they are good at factor 2 is already greatly influenced by factor 1. In other words: If you can use your special talents you probably already rated point number 1 high. Remember that I told you point number 1 will be reflected in other points as well?

The following questions help you to find out what your unique talents might be and if you can use them in your current position.

  • What is a topic that my Friends / Family consistently pick my brain about and how much of this can I use at my Job?
  • What have I always been better at than my peers / college friends and how much of it can I use at my Job?
  • During Work / University / College / School what do or did I explain to others?


3. How are your chances for a Promotion?

We want to climb the ladder. We want to grow into higher positions and take on advanced responsibilities. High chances of promotion promise rapid change and new challenges. This is what keeps our excitement and motivation high. I rated it with 15%. However, if you are just fresh out of college you should probably rate it higher. Read here why you should emphasize on career growth right after college.

How you can figure out your chances for a promotion:

  • Is the Company growing?
  • Is the Industry growing?
  • How many people are in between me and my Boss?
  • Is the Company promoting Managers from the inside or are they hiring Managers from outside?


4. How good is your Salary?

At first sight it looks like this is the only financial aspect of the tool. However, a Promotion and a good Strategy how to monetize your unique strengths include financial aspects as well. Nevertheless, it is important that our Job not only pays the bills but also supports your Family and your Dreams. Because: We don’t want to live an ordinary life, we want to live an extraordinary life! Money might be extremely unimportant in certain aspects of life. But there are other aspects in life where money simply is extremely important! Therefore, I am giving factor number 4 a 22.5% weight.

Questions to find out how to rate your salary:

  • Could I get paid more or less in other positions?
  • How well does my Salary support my personal expenses, Family and allows me to realize my dreams?


5. Team

Your peers and co-workers play a big role in how much you will like your job. However, be careful! Your co-workers and thus the atmosphere in a team can change any time. People move into different positions or leave the company entirely. Additionally, the way you like the team is again reflected in factor number 1. People tend to like carrying out certain tasks better if surrounded by people they like. This is why in my analysis I am just giving the Team a weight of 5%.

Good questions to ask yourself in order to find out how to rate your Team:

  • How well do I get along with my Teammates?
  • How much time do I spend with my Teammates outside the office?
  • Do I look forward to seeing my Teammates after returning from vacation?
  • Would I also be friends with them if I did not work in my current company?

Important note about factor number 5: The team should only be the deciding factor between two of the same Jobs in two different companies. If you have two very different jobs to choose from and you take one just because you like the team better, you limit your personal growth and satisfaction potential.


6. Time

The ones that know me are familiar with me saying that time is the most important resource we have. We can get more money, we can get more friends, but we never can get more time. Once time is spent it is gone forever. This is why we should be extremely mindful how and who we spend it with. And this is exactly one of the reasons why you should be carrying out this test!

At first sight you will be surprised to see me only giving the factor time a weight of 5%. However, if you spend your time correctly, which I hope you will after this test, your time in a job that you like will not be wasted. If you’re able to rate the 5 factors above high, your time in your job will be well spent. On the other hand, if you’re in a position that you hate and therefore rate the 5 factors above low, every minute of it will be wasted. Thus, if I valued the factor time higher, it could rate a job higher just because you might have a lot of freetime.

Questions to ask yourself in order to rate the factor time:

  • How do I feel about my work-life-balance?
  • Do I find time for my Family / Friends / Freetime activities?
  • In 10 Years from now, will I regret having spent this amount of time in my Job?


Now, are you in the right job?

My take is that you should reach at least 75% of the maximum score, meaning 7.5 points. If you don’t reach 7.5 it doesn’t mean that you have to quit your Job right away. This always depends on your best alternative. But it is a clear indication that you at least should start looking for alternatives.


By the way, this method not only works great to evaluate your current Job. It also works if you have to choose between two or more jobs. Simply apply the analysis for each job you have to choose from and find out which one ranks the highest.

Now, make sure to download the file and keep climbing the ladder: Find out if you’re in the right Job

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